IRENE Networking Agency Member

Our Goal: To achive the highest possible price in a time frame suitable to our Sellers

Strategies for Premium prices: All agencies say we will achieve a premium price

The Networking Agency is part of the giant IRENE Group and was requested by Agencies
wanting to fully utilise Networking opportunities by real estate’s largest Network

Networking with Australia’s Largest Real Estate Network enhances every sales
method including Sale with Price or Auction
Opportunities Include:
+ Quick access to latest ideas and information
+ Specialist training and support
+ Cutting edge technology
+ Reducing many costs – able to invest same into each sale
+ More people – greater urgency

Dedicated National Networking Web Site
Promote your property to thousands of local and national networking Salespeople

National Data Bases
1000’s of current Buyers and Tenants

Specific Workshops and Training
Including: Body Language in Sales; Art of Negotiation; Target Marketing:
Turn Objections into Benefits

             We just don’t say we attain a Premium Price

     At Hallmark Realty we have the tools to make it happen